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Online Bible:

Bible Gateway - Search for specific passages, keywords or topics.

Bible - Read the Bible online

Bible Study Lessons - Online Bible lessons


Blog Sites:

Troy Rogers - Youth and Family Minister, Lawton, OK

Jeff Jenkins - Preaching Minister, Lewisville, TX

Kevin Langford - Worship Minister, Lewisville, TX

Tad McGalliard - Former Youth and Family Minister


Online Resources:

In Search of the Lord's Way - Weekly television program promoting a personal search into God's Word to find His will for us.

Focus Press - Materials based on the inspired Word of God and designed to make difficult issues easier to understand.

Apologetics Press - Scripturally based material fighting the scientific ideas of the world we live in.

Gospel Advocate - Bible-based materials dedicated to maintaining the gospel of salvation through the Word of God.

Old Paths - Religious articles, sermons, poems, books and theses written by members of the churches of Christ.

Christian Chronicle - An international newspaper updating all on news and events within the church of Christ.


Family Bible Studies (compiled by Tony Hall):

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

Volume 4

Volume 5

Volume 6

Volume 7

Volume 8

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