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Outreach and Missions


Local Outreach

Bible Correspondance Courses - If interested in a free, through the mail Bible course please call the church office at (580) 255-4929 or, after 4:00, call (580) 252-2371


Love In Action - The Love in Action ladies meet at the church once a week to work on different projects. They provide lap robes, aprons, shower robes, tote bags, walker bags, closet bags, shower caps, Alzheimer aprons and more to local nursing homes, hospitals, individuals and more.


Global Efforts:

Scott Cate - Nias, Indonesia

Charles & Darlene Coulston - Nairobi, Kenya

Jack Farber - Latin America

Kent & Sharla Marcum - Quito, Ecuador

Erick Houck - Prison Ministry


In Search of the Lord's Way - Television Program

World Radio - Radio Program

World Bible School - Bible correspondence courses

Tipton Children's Home - Tipton, OK

Westview Boys' Home - Hollis, OK


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